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Retrieved from https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=Talk:388:_Fuck_Grapefruit&oldid=20874 Permanent link to this comic: https://xkcd.com/388/ Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/fuck_grapefruit.png [[A X Y plot of fruit, showing tastiness on the vertical axis and difficulty-of-consumption on the horizontal axis Randall has previously indicated that he finds pineapple tasty but very hard to eat in 388: Fuck Grapefruit. This comic was published on the Jewish holiday for the trees, Tu BiShvat (Hebrew: טו בשבט) , on which it is traditional to eat exotic fruits 388: Fuck Grapefruit; 418: Stove Ownership; 425: Fortune Cookies; 434: xkcd Goes to the Airport; 442: xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel; 452: Mission; 472: House of Pancakes; 654: Nachos; 677: Asshole; 737: Yogurt; 839: Explorers; 915: Connoisseur; 974: The General Problem; 980: Money; 993: Brand Identit https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/388: 388: Fuck Grapefruit - explain xkcd; https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/389: 389: Keeping Time - explain xkcd; https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/390: 390: Nightmares - explain xkcd; https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/391: 391: Anti-Mindvirus - explain xkcd

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True but there has only been three (with this) comic with a four quadrant scatter plot, the other being 388: Fuck Grapefruit and 1501: Mysteries. The other scatter plot are either in one square or not really scatter plots that can be compared to this one. So it may be too slim a data set to say this is special for xkcd. But still interesting enough that there are no fast safe or slow dangerous crashes. - Note that Randall uses similar diagrams in each of 388: Fuck Grapefruit, 1242: Scary Names and 1501: Mysteries, which also contain different items. They also have extra points mentioned in the title text. In the first two comics the points are also off the chart, whereas for the last the description of the point is too long to fit on the chart. Extra info outside the chart is also used in the title text o

Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. This 388 041 : Trebuchet : 382 042 : Assembled Mobius Battle : 381 043 : Eye of the basilisk : 380 044 : Censored curse word : 357 045 : Diet Coke and Mentos : 346 046 : MPAA & RIAA swordsmen : 344 047 : Tron Paul : 497 048 : Ron Paul Revolution zeppelin : 495 049 : Megan with a kite : 471 050 : Quantum/regular teleporter. Explanation. It's common to have music playing in the background when two individuals decide to engage in sexual behavior. However, some people have a lot of silly or funny songs in the same music library as their more dramatic or romantic song choices /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other fans TASTY PEACHES SEELED GRAPES STRA.BERRIES SEBRES6 4 GRAPES EL SORRIES PNEAPPLES CERRIES PEARS Runs VERTELOS GREEN → EASY DIFFICULT < POMEGRANATES BANANAS ORANGES TOTES GRAPEFRUIT MON UNTASTY Grapefruit by XKCD (httpsd.com/388) 1) In a full sentence, explain what the vertical axis represents. 2) In a fuil sentence, explain what the horizontal axis represents. 3) Does the author think seedless and seeded grapes taste the same? Explain how you decided this. Can you tell if the author likes the. xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing

The xkcd forums are gone! What happened? What now? [edit | edit source] On August 30, 2019, the xkcd forums were taken down for security reasons because of a data breach. After a few days, a message was put up on forums.xkcd.com explaining: The xkcd forums are currently offline. We've been alerted that portions of the PHPBB user table from our forums showed up in a leaked data collection. The data includes usernames, email addresses, salted, hashed passwords, and in some cases an IP address. View slides_7.1_data_visualization from SS 3A at University of California, Irvine. ~Randall Munroe (http:/xkcd.com/388/) Edward Tufte by unknown The commonality between science and art is in trying Study Resource As noted by the XKCD comic, one way of protecting against SQL injection attacks is to sanitize database inputs, such as by escaping special characters, so that they cannot modify the underlying SQL command and therefore cannot cause execution of arbitrary SQL code. This can be done at the application level, and some implementations of parameterized queries operate by sanitizing input

TASTY PEACHES SEERD GRAPES STRAUSER SEEDLES6 GRAPES BULEBERRIES PREPPIES CHERRIES PERS Puns GREEN PRUES WOCELOS DIFFICULT EASY RED NHIES POMEGRANATES BANIWAS ORANGES TOMATOES GRAPEFRUIT LEMOUS UNTASTY Grapefruit by XKCD Chips/skod.com/388) 9) Give two fruits that the author thinks have the same ease of eating value, but different tasty values. Explain what you are looking for graphically. 10) Which fruit does the author have the strongest opinions about? Explain how you decided this. 11. If you are not aware of XKCD, you may find it somewhat arbitrary. Nonetheless, the book opens with interesting questions and answers them in a very meaningful way. Great narration for structured thinking. However, it was probably the compulsion to find 'n' number of problems to fill up so many pages that after a while, they become either repetitive or boring (or forcibly created) puzzles

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Thing Explainer gets to the real essence of things (New Scientist) Like any good work of science writing, [Thing Explainer] is equal parts lucid, funny, and startling (NewYorker.com) In just over a decade Randall Munroe has become firmly established and it's safe to say adored as the author of xkcd This will be the first book to explain why blockchain technology - a truly open, distributed, global platform - will fundamentally change what we can achieve online, how we do it, and who can participate. Die Blockchain-Revolution von Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott (ISBN 978-3-86470-388-1) bestellen Randall Munroe is the creator of the webcomic xkcd and bestselling author of What If?, Thing Explainer and xkcd: Volume 0. Randall was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, and grew up outside Richmond, Virginia. After studying physics at Christopher Newport University, he got a job building robots at NASA Langley Research Center. In 2006 he left NASA to draw comics on the internet full time, and has. Then, for short time, the NINo was officially not available for any wider use at all. For instance, in the mid-1990s, Parliament was informed that The national insurance number can be used only for national insurance, tax and social security benefit purposes and there are no plans at present to introduce legislation to extend its use (Hansard, 1/2/1995, vol 253, c697W) Available on special bid beginning Nov 1964: 388: 64-66 Apr 1965 never Replaced by Model 67: 65: Apr 1965 Nov 1965 563 567 40 21 128-1,024: 4290-8830 (1950-4005 kg) depends on memory and number of processors.: 2065.2,2065.4,2065.6,2065.8,2065.10: Supported LCS: 75: Apr 1965 Jan 1966 940 670 41 43 256-1,024: 5125-5325 (2325-2415 kg) depends on memory.: 2075.2,2075.4: Supported LCS: 67: Aug 1965.

via XKCD. Correlational research models do not always indicate causal relationships. Knowing that two variables are associated does not automatically mean one causes the other. A correlational link between two variables may simply report that their trend moves in a synchronized manner. For a causal relationship to occur, a variable must directly cause the other. For instance, we might. 495k members in the economy community. A mostly unmoderated forum for economy, business, politics, stocks, bonds, product releases, IPOs, advice 168 votes, 13 comments. 140k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to 507 votes, 59 comments. 140k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 507. XKCD 1681: Laser Products. XKCD. Close. 507. Posted by. Black Hat. 4 years ago. Archived. XKCD 1681: Laser Products.

2) In a full sentence, explain what the horizontal axis represents. 3) Does the author think seedless and seeded grapes taste the same? Explain how you decided this. Can you tell if the author likes the taste of grape seeds? 4) Which fruit does the author think is the best? Explain how you decided this. 5) Which fruit does the author think is the worst? Explain how you decided this HackTheBox - Valentine. This challenge sees a user shell obtained by exfiltrating sensitive information via a vulnerability called Heartbleed in the OpenSSL cryptography library; which is a widely used implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. From there, I was able to overwrite a read-only file ( /etc/passwd) and grant. 2016 698 1381 186 480 447 498 1.98 0.388 1.11 8 LeBron Jam 2016 737 1416 87 282 359 491 1.92 0.309 1.37 9 Marc Gasol 2016 328 707 2 3 203 245 2.16 0.667 1.21 10 Stephen Cu 2016 805 1597 402 887 363 400 1.98 0.453 1.1 The Wiki of Explaining Bicycles and more on the moon The Dedication of Kieryn The User Scripts of Pikrass A Map of Time by Edfel The Constellations and Time Database by Sciscitor Graphs and stuff by jjjdavidson An OTTer map, TimeVenture and Time (after Time) movies by AluisioASG A Sandcastle Builder by Eternal Density Q04B by mrob27 We Love the.

1 post published by rochekt during October 201 EXPLAINER: NUMBERS OF THE FORM n√(-1) ARE IMAGINARY BUT WE CAN STILL USE THEM IN EQUATIONS. OTHER: OKAY. EXPLAINER: AND e^(π √(-1))=-1. OTHER: NOW YOU'RE JUST FUCKING WITH ME. {{alt text: I have never been totally satisfied by the explanations for why e to the ix gives a sinusoidal wave.}} I have never been totally. Phalacrocoracidae is a family of approximately 40 species of aquatic birds commonly known as cormorants and shags.Several different classifications of the family have been proposed and the number of genera is disputed. The great cormorant (P. carbo) and the common shag (P. aristotelis) are the only two species of the family commonly encountered on the British Isles and cormorant and shag. Download Xkcd Pdf. Download Free Online Books! Download Xkcd Pdf. Download Free Online books! Post-apocalytpic sci-fi story, anthony, and, an accomplice to replace the dark side for those relationships, that the final showdown, the help supplements the kind mix tapes they murdered.

John Roque joins me in The Compound to explain why technical trading signals stopped working and how he has adapted his trading style to... Read More . 3 May. New Highs by Barry Ritholtz. Some interesting thoughts via Bloomberg: It took 14 weeks to fall, 17 weeks to recover, and if you managed never to sell during... Read More . 4 Apr. 46th Annual CMT Symposium by Barry Ritholtz. If you are. 388 Comments on Brian Hooker proves Andrew Wakefield wrong about vaccines and autism; Here we go again. If there's anything that ignites the fevered brains (such as they are) of antivaccine activists, it's a good seeming conspiracy. Indeed, as we've seen before, if they can't find a legitimate one, they'll either exaggerate one or make one up out of whole cloth. This week, an. Match ID: 108 Score: 2.14 source: spectrum.ieee.org age: 388 days qualifiers: 2.14 energy Galactic Energy Prepares Ceres-1 Rocket for First Launch Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:00:00 GMT The June launch is just the start of the company's grand plans for future spaceflight Match ID: 109 Score: 2.14 source: spectrum.ieee.org age: 444 days qualifiers: 2. Match ID: 172 Score: 7.86 source: spectrum.ieee.org age: 388 days qualifiers: 5.00 europe, 2.86 eu U.S. Transportation Officials Seek Alternative Tech for GPS Fri, 24 Apr 2020 15:00:00 GMT Ten years after decommissioning the previous backup to the country's global satellite fleet, government agencies are taking steps to create a new on The Explain XKCD Wiki provides the context behind the joke. and in yesterday's webinar their manager of forecast analytics, Derek Hoffman, explained what they use it for: In the presentation, Derek gave a spirited argument of why R is critical for John Deere's operations: from forecasting demand for equipment, to forecasting crop yields (they produce forecasts for more than half the world.

The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a conspiracy theory that claims a powerful group was founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and rules the world. Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee's existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts Reminder to self for Windows Firewall: Block rules take precedence over Allow rules (see * below as actually it is even more complex); [WayBack] Firewall Rule Properties Page: General Tab has Firewall rules are evaluated in the following order: Allow if secure with Override block rules selected in the Customize Allow if Secure Settings dialog box This xkcd comes to mind. All the same, looking forward to the finished product from bruce! Disregarding the possibility that maps are genuinely melting my brain or whatever, done some more work on that sketch I was doing earlier. Not sure what POD if any could explain this, but I'm mostly aiming for cool-lookin here. Thoughts? Mar 28, 2016 #385 DPKdebator. Lowtuff said: I'd reckon a good part. New to Comic Rocket? Comic Rocket is a growing index of 41,054 online comics.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off

Explain what you are looking for graphically and why that indicates that the fruit is the worst. Overall, does the author think fruit in general is tasty or not tasty? Explain how and why you decided this. Show transcribed image text. Expert Answer 100% (3 ratings) a) The vertical axis represents the 'taste' value of a fruit. b)The horizontalaxis represents the 'ease of eating' value of a. From the No. 1 bestselling author of What If? - the man who created xkcd and explained the laws of science with cartoons - comes a series of brilliantly simple diagrams ('blueprints' if you want to be complicated about it) that show how important things work: from the nuclear bomb to the biro. It's good to know what the parts of a thing are called, but it's much more interesting to know what. Match ID: 161 Score: 7.86 source: spectrum.ieee.org age: 388 days qualifiers: 5.00 europe, 2.86 eu U.S. Transportation Officials Seek Alternative Tech for GPS Fri, 24 Apr 2020 15:00:00 GMT Ten years after decommissioning the previous backup to the country's global satellite fleet, government agencies are taking steps to create a new on Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers Match ID: 142 Score: 12.86 source: spectrum.ieee.org age: 388 days qualifiers: 9.29 nasa, 3.57 mit U.S. Transportation Officials Seek Alternative Tech for GPS Fri, 24 Apr 2020 15:00:00 GMT Ten years after decommissioning the previous backup to the country's global satellite fleet, government agencies are taking steps to create a new on

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To explain the steps of the workflow as illustrated in the preceding diagram: The AWS IoT device uses the AWS SDK or custom client to make an HTTPS request to the credentials provider for a security token. The request includes the device X.509 certificate for authentication. The credentials provider forwards the request to the AWS IoT authentication and authorization module to verify the. Adversarial Learning is back from its extended hiatus! Our guest is famous data scientist Josh Wills. We discuss why Josh is a famous data scientist, what it's like working at Slack, data science conferences, NLP's imagenet moment, whether Joel should remove the MapReduce chapter from the 2nd edition of Data Science from Scratch, and which is the best Rush album hypot <- function (x) {sqrt (x [1]^2 + x [2]^2)} for each row. Using apply it would take a lot of time (about 5 minutes, interpolating from lower sizes) and memory. But it seems to be too much for me, so I've tried different things: compiling the hypot function reduces the time by about 10%. using functions from plyr greatly increases the. Justice Nichols' order doesn't explain why he decided to grant the injunction and his reasons for doing so are in a separate document that is currently sealed. His order therefore calls on the administration and TikTok to meet on Monday, US time, to read his reasoning and decide if it can be unsealed and released to the public. The parties were also ordered to meet by Wednesday, 30 September. The world's most entertaining and useless self-help guide from the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the bestsellers What If? and Thing Explainer For any task you might want to do, there's a right way, a wrong way, and a way so monumentally complex, excessive, and inadvisable that no one would ever try it. How To is a guide to the third kind of approach. It's full of.

Vor kurzem erst hatten wir hier auf Gesundheits-Check eine Diskussion über einen Leserbrief zu den Gender Studies im Laborjournal, der zum Widerstand gegen die Gender Studies aufrief - faktenarm, aber meinungsstark. In der aktuellen NZZ vom Sonntag hat Hans Peter Klein, Professor für Didaktik der Biologie in Frankfurt/Main, unter der Überschrift Die Wissenschaft leidet unte California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA. 1.5M likes. Exploring, explaining and sustaining life since 1853. Follow us on Twitter @calacademy

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Maintainer Kroah-Hartman was quick to explain. First, he refuted the idea that two years is not LTS. A 'normal' stable kernel is dropped after the next release happens, making their lifespan about 4 months long. 2 years is much longer than 4 months, so it still is a long term supported kernel, he said. Linux Kernel 5.10 currently has a promised two years of support - enough to call it. ***** XKCD ***** return to top Vaccinated Match ID: 0 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com qualifiers: 1000.00 xkcd March 2020 Match ID: 1 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com qualifiers: 1000.00 xkcd Bubble Wrap Match ID: 2 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com qualifiers: 1000.00 xkcd After the Pandemic Match ID: 3 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com qualifiers: 1000.00 xkcd Filter efficiency 99.498 (4 matches.

Each of these is going to (attempt to) install something ($1) using various different installation tools for various different operating systems and subsystems (or software ecosystems). * pip and easy_install are for Python packages * brew is a. Wiki helps explain the current xkcd comic.Once that's cleared, the comic is absoltely adorable and romantic to boot. evadne_noel proves she's not dead and reviews PotC3 * Anafiel Delaunay, Kushiel's Dart by Jcare

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September 21, 2018 9 min to read HackTheBox - Valentine. This challenge sees a user shell obtained by exfiltrating sensitive information via a vulnerability called Heartbleed in the OpenSSL cryptography library; which is a widely used implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.. From there, I was able to overwrite a read-only file (/etc/passwd) and grant myself root user. Maintainer Kroah-Hartman was quick to explain. First, he refuted the idea that two years is not LTS. A 'normal' stable kernel is dropped after the next release happens, making their lifespan about 4 months long. 2 years is much longer than 4 months, so it still is a long term supported kernel, he said Twitter Updates. RT @ginnymooy: Als de scholen maar open konden, dan kwam alles goed.Dat de scholen de crisis verlengden, was acceptabel. Maar de samenlevi 1 hour ago; RT @askimono: G7 bindt strijd aan met China, maar is het niet eens over dreiging van Peking. fd.nl/economie-polit #FD #Buitenland 1 hour ago @Rijkswaterstaat @RWSverkeersinfo @feedly Zoek gaarne de RSS feed later op. Dat. Yes these kinds of programs will no longer work in Firestorm 5.0.11 or any other viewer up to date with the current Linden viewer code base. LL made improvements to cache handling & a side effect of that will be to have broken these cache viewer programs. The creators of those programs will need to update them

Setting our working directory. The working directory is a really powerful concept in R - it is where R saves any output files you create during an analysis and it is the place where R looks for any data you want to read in. When you installed R & RStudio, we asked you to create a folder on your Desktop called Moneyball.This will be your working directory for the duration of the course This explains why 'wtf!' was not interned due to !. CPython implementation of this rule can be found here; When a and b are set to wtf! in the same line, the Python interpreter creates a new object, then references the second variable at the same time. If you do it on separate lines, it doesn't know that there's already wtf! as an object (because wtf! is not implicitly interned as per. 388 Views | 4 Replies. New Topic Respond to this Topic « Return to Game Development | All Forums. nuclearstickman5. Member since: Aug. 30, 2006. Offline. Send Private Message ; Browse All Posts (620) Block; Blocked; Member Level 14 Blank Slate. ive all ways wondered.. 2008-07-05 02:46:35. is it possible (wich most likely is.. but im not sure) To make a game usin flash like zelda ocarina of. The once per console/shell logon output of FIPS mode initialized to stderr when you ssh out of an ESXi box seems to be something new since ESXi 6.7.. Since I hardly do this, it took a while to reproduce and track back the version where it was introduced and to realise why it is on stderr.. stderr in retrospect is logical: if you need to parse stdout of a job running across an ssh channel, you.

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  1. As Apple explains in its macOS Safari help documentation, Before you visit a website, Safari may send information calculated from the website address to Google Safe Browsing to check if the website is fraudulent. If you have China mainland set as your region in the Language & Region pane of System Preferences, Safari may also use Tencent Safe Browsing to do this check. In an email to The.
  2. Shipments grew by 26 per cent to nearly 388 million, according to analyst Gartner, compared to just 300 million during the first quarter of 2020. But look closer at the numbers, and a slightly different picture starts to emerge. Speaking to The Register, Gartner analyst Anshul Gupta warned against considering this bump as growth but rather a recovery from an unprecedented year for the mobile.
  3. 12 step engineering design process steps. 1st semester civil engineering syllabus. 1st year civil engineering subjects. 2 blade mechanical broadheads. 3 blade mechanical broadheads. 4 year mechanical quality engineer resume. 5 mechanical layers of the earth. 5 step engineering design process for kids

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  1. x 388. Chest. x 372. hoverboard nz cheap laptops. x 342. hoverboard uk problems. Email Alerts checkbox YT checkbox Manage Email Alerts. Gym Attire hoverboard 700 watt blender Music. hoverboard terraria ios !!!! 13115. hoverboard alibaba 68. Pages: 1. 41.03K. 41.03K. hoverboard really cheap 9mm hoverboard keeps beeping randomly hoverboard nz buy online 2016 hoverboard red light meaning fx.
  2. Copy. Japanese megacorp Toshiba has rebuffed an acquisition attempt by private equity outfit CVC. A notice [PDF] for shareholders said the buyout offer was not, objectively viewed, a bona-fide and feasible acquisition proposal under Japanese regulations and that Toshiba therefore sent CVC a please explain letter to seek more information
  3. s ago ; Full linux distros on Sailfish OS (189
  4. Charlie Calvert explained this very well in the LINQFarm: Understanding IEnumerable entry of his LINQ / LINQFarm series: The type IEnumerable<T> plays two key roles in this code. The query expression has a data source [] which implements IEnumerable<T>. The query expression returns an instance of IEnumerable<T>. LINQ cod

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  1. If you haven't noticed, I am trying hard not make this a pop-science alarmist post but here is the leap I am going to take; that the relative lack of explain-ability and transparency inherent in the neural networks (and research community's relative complacency towards the approach 'because it just works'), this idea of black-boxed-intelligence is probably what may lead to larger.
  2. Movies Quiz / Movie Words Done Like Thing Explainer Random Movies or Vocabulary Quiz Can you match the movies to their famous quotes which have been replaced with only the ten hundred most common words? by mister_pianoman Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Forced Order. Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most.
  3. Посмотрите, что нашел пользователь nonchrist (nonchrist) на Pinterest — самой большой в мире коллекции идей
  4. has made something lovely: a traceroute that produces the text of the opening crawl to Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Ryan Werber, who blogs at Beagle Networks, says that during Boston's recent blizzards he decided to have some fun with DNS. The result,

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Ich gebe Creative-Writing-Kurse an Unis und Schulen. [Liste hier.] Ich habe Kreatives Schreiben studiert - in Hildesheim. [Update, 2017: Text über die Probleme und Konflikte dort.] Trotzdem habe ich Probleme mit Büchern, die Menschen beim literarischen Schreiben helfen sollen: . Creative Writing wird oft von Menschen unterrichtet, die zum therapeutischem Schreiben ermuntern: Lass es raus How often do UR FAWs drop? I'm trying to get xkcd TimeAfterTimeframes. refresh. scroll to bottom # Date/time (UTC) Downloaded Server Difference; 1: 2013-08-01 01:00: xkcd_timeaftertime_20130801_0100.pn The manual doesn't explain why there's exit() and die(). In general, PHP has a lot of weird redundancy like this - it tries to be friendly to people who come from different language backgrounds, but while doing so, it creates confusing redundancy. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Oct 9 '20 at 22:57. answered Jan 8 '15 at 23:13. Geoffrey Hale Geoffrey Hale. 8,182 4 4 gold badges 35 35.

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Chapter 11 explains how to store data over the long term and how to make results from Python useful outside of Python (i.e., for other programs). Chapter 12 introduces Python's graphical features that allow you to produce plots and charts, which is a really useful feature for engineers and scientists to visualize results. Finally, Chapter 13 introduces basics about the parallel programming. Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Car Roman numerals conversion. With roman numerals it's not just important to note each numeral itself, but also the order in which they appear. For example, when a smaller number appears infront of a larger number it means that the smaller number should be deducted from the larger one Explain the use of GitHub personal access tokens in the remotes episode: 770: 2020-11-30: changed name to Desktop : 768: 2020-11-14: Adding a new exercise to the lesson. 767: 2020-11-05: Add note about new git pull message to instructor guide: 763: 2020-10-09: Reorder reviewing a Collaborator's commit: 760: 2020-10-06: Change `checkout` actions to use newer `restore` syntax: 758: 2020-09-30: A.

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Nevertheless, reflection on them might help to explain both the problems and the stakes in the current wave of expansion. Unlike the earthy commons, the commons of the mind is generally nonrival. Many uses of land are mutually exclusive: if I am using the field for grazing, it may interfere with your plans to use it for growing crops. By contrast, a gene sequence, an MP3 file, or an. I have a quite large data frame, about 10 millions of rows. It has columns x and y, and what I want is to compute. hypot <- function(x) {sqrt(x[1]^2 + x[2]^2)} for each row. Using apply it would take a lot of time (about 5 minutes, interpolating from lower sizes) and memory.. But it seems to be too much for me, so I've tried different things Of course, this does not explain small, shorter term fluctuations in temperatures, as we have seen over the past half-century*, but you can't just assume that a bit of CO2 = 33 degrees extra surface temperature and extrapolate from there. The Alarmists miserably fail to even try to explain how CO2 can cause warming at sea level but cooling on mountain peaks, even though mountain peaks get more.

Explain or comment on the relevance of the visual or media file. This can appear after the visual. Check the documentation system you are using to make sure you label visual and media elements appropriately; MLA, for instance, asks that you number and title tables and figures (Table 1: Average Amount of Rainfall by Region). If you are posting your work publicly, make sure you have permission. But that doesn't quite explain what's going on with impeachment. Republican senators and other party leaders seem to fear that their voters would be loyal to Trump rather than them - that if they were to attempt to cut Trump loose and reclaim control of the party for themselves, the voters would not follow them. Unfortunately, since they are not likely to take the risk, we will never.

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You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them See the update at the end... Actor James Woods is an asshole. Let's just put that front and center. As you may recall, a little over a year ago, Woods sued a random Twitter user who went by the.

slides_7.1_data_visualization - ~Randall Munroe(http\/xkcd ..

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  3. Buy What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd
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