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There are several ways to perform yield farming for Venus ($XVS) tokens to greatly increase your $XVS token assets. In this video, we are showcasing a way th.. The bad thing is that Venus was pretty well fucked recently. Besides, Venus lowered XVS distribution rate, and the price of XVS itself fell down quite considerably. It all affected APY very negatively. Needless to say, DeFi and yield farming are rather risky in general, and large-depo low-profit strategies may not be the best idea

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  1. g. Binance Smart Chain. Binance Launchpool. Lending / Borrowing. Überblick Markt Historische Daten Wallets Nachrichten Soziale Medien Bewertungen Analyse Price Estimates Share. Venus Chart. Loading Data. Please wait, we are loading chart data. XVS-Kursdaten live. Der Venus-Preis heute liegt bei . €22.23 EUR mit einem 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumen von €57,659,832 EUR. Venus ist in.
  2. Venus Protocol is a decentralized lending platform that lives on the Binance Smart Chain.At its core Venus is a money market protocol, enabling lenders to provide loans and borrowers to take out loans. In this guide we will go through how to supply and borrow assets to earn interest on your crypto
  3. Monthly. 8.333%. $8,333.33 Ξ3.172826. Yearly. 100%. $100,000 Ξ38.073917. Powered By CoinGecko. APY information displayed is based on an estimated calculation using the current market price and reward rate. It does not account for market fluctuation, gas fees, and smart contract risks
  4. g strategy on Binance Smart..
  5. g on the Binance Smart Chain is still in its infancy and if the current yields can be sustained over the course of time is questionable
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Pre-Farm VENUS by Burning MARS in https://mars.cosmos.farm. Be prepared the next generation in Cosmos Advanced Farming: Burn MARS token and harvest xVENUS. xVENUS is the pre-sale VENUS token that will be always redeemable 1=1 once VENUS launches . When you deposit more MARS into the Burn Pool, your xVENUS earned will be Harvested and sent to your wallet. There will be NO other pre-sale or pre. As DeFi continues to make waves and maintain its parabolic growth since the summer of 2020, yield farming remains a popular tool for generating returns from long-term holdings. For the uninitiated, yield farming is simply the act of staking your assets into a platform to earn yield, usually in the form of governance tokens or the staked asset Venus Protocol meldt in de routekaart dat het platform ook van plan is om binnenkort een decentralized exchange (DEX) te lanceren met ondersteuning voor high frequency trading (HFT). Het vastzetten van crypto in ruil voor beloningen wordt ook wel liquidity mining of yield farming genoemd. De ondersteuning voor ADA ligt nog niet vast, er is een. Yield Optimization Platform. First LaunchPad Presale (SWIRL) Q2 2021. Q2 2021. Second LaunchPad Presale (EULER) WSwap Automated Market-Making Dex. WEX Token Launch. Third LaunchPad Presale. Elastic-Supply Stablecoin Contact & Community Join the Samurai of DeFi, learn more about ACryptoS strategies, join our community,engage in constructive discussions and shape the future of decentralized finance

PancakeSwap allows the yield farming of its native governance token, CAKE. Wrapped Bitcoin, BUSD, CAKE, and ALPACA are some of the top trading cryptocurrencies on PancakeSwap. What is Venus? Also built on the Binance Smart Chain, Venus is an algorithmic money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol. The protocol aims to simplify DeFi lending. Yield farming in crypto is providing liquidity and get rewarded in fees plus some tokens. It is called farming because the coins we plant generates crops. For those of you who still do not understand, just think of it as a certificate of deposit (COD) that generates interest in another currency for example we deposit Dollar and we get interest in Yuan. Like staking, yield farming is not profitable if the interest does not cover the loss of the asset's value (the coin goes down in.

Dès lors, le bloc qui a suivi la mise à jour des frais a bouleversé le fonctionnement des protocoles de yield farming utilisant Venus, Autofarm en tête. Dans la pratique, lorsque les utilisateurs retirent leurs fonds, 0,01% retournent au protocole Venus. Et ce sur la totalité des fonds du vaults Introducing Venus (XVS) on Binance Launchpool! Farm XVS By Staking BNB, BUSD & SXP Tokens. Binance. 2020-09-28 08:00. Fellow Binancians, Binance is excited to announce the 4th project on Binance Launchpool - Venus (XVS), a money market and stablecoin DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain. Users will be able to stake their BNB, BUSD and SXP tokens into separate pools to farm XVS tokens over 30. Venus (XVS) Yield Farming. Website for farm : binance.com [gdoc key=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ysnZky_MxRKeuuMYhimaSx8of04L07Qu0cUPN4bvdlo/edit?usp=sharing title=Venus (XVS) Yield Farming] ===== Flamingo (FLM) Yield Farming. Website for farm : flamingo.finance/vault BNB & BUSD Farm : binance.co The total locked value of liquidity pools in yield farming DeFi projects stood at $7,977,544,158 as of this weekend. More sophisticated trades use DeFi marketplaces like Venus to lend their coins.. Welcome to part 2 of the Chad's Ultimate Yield Farming Guide! In this part, we're going to cover in-depth some core yield-farming strategies to maximize your returns while minimizing your risk. We have a lot to cover so let's jump right in. First, if you haven't already, make sure to read part 1 of this guide. It will help you avoid rugs and pump & dumps, which is a must if you want to.

Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain. Use Wallet. Please provide a valid chain address format No address? Open random address. Farm & Pools. Show All Pools And Vaults. New Arrivals. Show Timeline. ADA-BUSD WLP. Waultfinance. TVL $298.39. APY 116.21%. ETH-BNB WLP. Waultfinance. TVL $7.15. APY 67.61%. XRP-BUSD WLP . Waultfinance. TVL $7.23. APY 167.47%. USDT-MATIC. Yield farming is the strategy to move your holdings between various pools and platforms to maximize the earnings. DeFi platforms should always provide incentives to attract liquidity providers. They surely need liquidity in their decentralized exchange platforms to be able to offer trading opportunities to the end-uses. As a result, liquidity providers receive a portion of tradings from each.

Venus, Saffron, and Mithril: The New Yield Farmer

Venus was one of the first platforms to conduct a Launchpool on Binance, which allowed users to farm XVS by staking different assets including Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and Swipe (SXP) tokens. A total of 20% of the total supply (6 million XVS) was allocated to the Binance Launchpool, and the token was listed shortly after on the Binance spot exchange platform Yield Farming คืออะไร ?พร้อมตัวอย่าง Subscribe to Pay Wachi Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/paywachi?sub_confirmation=1 . Venus (XVS) Price Live Statistics. Venus price today is $25.57 USD, which is up by 1.83% over the last 24 hours. There has been an hourly dip by -2.6% . Venus's market cap currently sits at $260,156,000.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #141 Venus ระบบใหม่จาก Binance รวมข้อดีหลายแพลตฟอร์มไว้ในที่เดียว โปรโตคอลใหม่ล่าสุดจาก Binance ดึงข้อดีจากทุกแพลตฟอร์มสร้างระบบ Stablecoin-DeFi ครบวงจรแบบ Decentralize ADA yield farming on Venus farm? ADA yield farming on Venus farm? Posted on April 16, 2021; By Writer. Yeah, I just went and looked at it's down to around 1% which is obviously not worth it. In fact I looked at the borrow rate and it's at about 3.8%, so the play would be to borrow as much as possible and then turn around and stake it, for 5.5% return. Source: reddit.com. 0 . 0. Filed under.

The Zoo - Ape Farm V2. DeFi yield farming through Venus Protocol. The Zoo is an evolution on the first farms and we are utilizing other protocols (Venus Protocol) to generate yield. Some of the profit earned through this will then be used to buy back and burn APE. Creating a burn mechanism that benefits holders and users of The Zoo Yield Farming Strategies (Farming) 25-30% + 40% Fees + 10% Venus + 50% DFX. How 350% is obtained for maximizer strategies: DeFireX Pool (Farming) 25-30% + 40% Fees + 10% Venus + 50% DFX + 30% of the buyback of DFX Tokens from DEXs of the profit of the service. (The volume of demand exceeds supply, so the price of DFX and the percentage of the pools are growing). The transaction cost. DeFiBox has launched the Venus farming yield tracking function on BSC. HECO red envelope week, Enft.One surprise waiting for you to get! HECO red envelope week, CmcBox surprise waiting for you to get! DeFiBox unites with HECO projects XCOM, CmcBox, Enft.One to give airdrop rewards to users. Gas Price(Gwei) Fast 11 Gwei $0.55/60 Sec . Average 7 Gwei $0.4/3 Min . Slow 7 Gwei $0.4/10 Min.

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Yield farming yapılabilen platformlar; Compound, MakerDAO, Aave, UniSwap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Synthetix, Yearn.Finance, PancakeSwap, Venus ve Curve Finance olarak sıralanabilir. Bu platformlar, genel olarak insanların DeFi pazarına rahatça girmesini sağlamak ve herkesin işlem yapabilmesine önayak olma prensibiyle hareket eder beefy.finance. Launch App. Yield farming optimizer for Binance Smart Chain Yield Farms DYOR . You asked and we delivered! To get listed, update your token information by clicking Submit your project button below. For advertisement enquiries, click here. Submit your projec Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining have taken the most space. Generally, they (platforms like Pancake Swap, Venus, and more) make participants earn by distributing their's tokens in return when using the platform. And yeah it makes us a great APY ️. But if participants don't want to collect those tokens in the long term? or they just want to exchange farming tokens into a sort of Long-term. Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain with farm.army farm.army burgerswap' tvl: usd: 237816.54829827 yield: apy: 25.559017730157.

Venus Protocol Launches to Mainnet with XVS Farmin

Venus Venus Protocol (Venus) is an algorithmic-based money market system designed to brin CBerry CBerry is a content sharing system on the Binance Smart Chain. Users are rewarded wit Traphouse Welcome to the Traphouse, where Thugs come to do their Defi Yield Farming. We offer 7up 7up.finance is a DeFi Filecoin (FIL) lending and investment platform based on Binanc. Suite à une mise à jour de fonctionnement, le protocole de la Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Venus a perturbé le rouage des plateformes de yield farming, dont Autofarm et Belt. Depuis deux jours, les utilisateurs subissent d'importantes pertes de fonds, qui se chiffrent déjà à plusieurs millions de dollars. Pourtant, aucune faille n'est à l'origine de ces pertes. On fait le point

Making Venus the biggest decentralized finance project within the BSC network. The Acryptos project is the first to get onboard with building vaults around Venus Protocol. Executing a simple strategy of leveraged yield farming, by borrowing and supplying the same asset to achieve a 3.67x leverage Step-5: Start yield farming and sell your harvests. Since the transaction fees on BSC are low and a lot of projects are currently in the fly by night mode, you would be wise to yield farm and sell your harvest frequently. This is especially true if you are yield farming in pool 2 or death pool. Also, always remember to check 1inch for the best price. This is because similar to Uniswap. Best Polymer Bundle Farm Missions. Where to farm polymer bundle? As an uncommon resource, Polymer Bundle will be drop on Mercury, Venus and Uranus. So theoretically it doesn't matter which mission you pick, you will eventually get a good amount everywhere. There are however a few missions that will yield a higher amount or have other benefits Advanced Yield Farming Strategies on Venus protocol - by x.ACryptoS. CAKE Vault. This Vault stakes and farms CAKE on PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap Liquidity Provider (LP) Vaults. These Vaults stake PancakeSwap LP tokens, farms CAKE and swaps it for more of the staked LP tokens. SwipeSwap Liquidity Provider (LP) Vaults . These Vaults stake SwipeSwap LP tokens, farms SXP and swaps it for more of the. The strategically superior 100% De-Fi Exchange and Yield Farming on BSC

The most popular AMM on BSC by user count! Earn CAKE through yield farming or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Syrup Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by PancakeSwap), NFTs, and more, on a platform you can trust PancakeSwap is aiming to be the #1 liquidity provider on Binance Smart Chain and the home of new, innovative gamified yield farming mechanics. Try PancakeSwap . Venus - Binance Smart Chain . The protocol design of Venus Is based on Compound and MakerDAO and synced into the Venus platform giving the benefits of both systems into one. Recently, Venus surged in transaction volume to become the. Venus is a algorithmic money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Analytics APY.Vision . APY.Vision is an all-in-one analytics dashboard for liquidity providers and yield farmers. DefiLlama. DefiLlama is a multi-chain TVL stats dashboard, where data connectors contributed and maintained by a community. Yield Farming Tools. Yield Farming Tools provides stats on APR. Yield farming, occasionally also referred to as liquidity mining, is one of the latest hype trains within the DeFi space. The core idea of yield farming is generating passive income with your existing crypto. Essentially, what you have to do is lend out the crypto you own, and earn increased returns in exchange

Yield farming. 200.00 €. In June 2020, Compound Finance started rewarding lenders and borrowers of cryptocurrencies on its platform with, in addition to typical interest payments to lenders, units of a new cryptocurrency known as the COMP token, which is used for governance of Compound's platform but is also tradeable on exchanges CougarSwap - Advanced Yield Farming On Binance Smart Chain. CougarSwap - The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Binance Smart Chain features at highest stability and security level. Highlight Features With the goal of providing the best returns for liquidity providers, MOBOX Crates are a set of optimized yield farming Smart Contracts that automatically seek the best yield for users. MOBOX currently supports 4 single token strategies and 8 LP token strategies. Type. Deposit Token. How to obtain. Strategy. Contract. Single. BUSD. Deposit BUSD. Venus Single. USDT. Deposit USDT. Venus Single.

According to the DappRadar BSC Rankings, Mobox is just behind DeFi platforms like Venus and 1inch. However, they offer a completely different experience. Mobox is a yield farming platform that empowers users by rewarding them for their engagement and gaming activity. They combine elements from decentralized finance with games, and add NFTs to the mix. Therefore users have ownership over game. Swipe Swap is an automated marketing making protocol that lets users swap tokens/coins from both Ethereum and Binance on-chain and enables participants to earn trading fees for providing liquidity.. Pricing will be set by the originating providers and will fluctuate based on the open markets. Liquidity providers will earn a 0.25% trading fee on the protocol for supplying on-chain liquidity However, this is obviously not the case since the APY also changes by the second. We can use the same calculation for the rest of the Farms as well! Just divide the APR by 365, which would be the average daily yield. (1+daily yield)^365 -1 = Compounded APY. The new maximizer farms put the daily yields from the Farms, into the CAKE compounding. Auto yield farming. Auto yield farming หรือระบบเก็บเกี่ยวผลตอบแทนแล้วนำไปทำฟาร์มเพิ่มให้อัตโนมัติ เป็นเครื่องมือที่ช่วยให้การทำฟาร์มสะดวกสบาย.

Venus (XVS) Kurs, Grafiken, Marktkapitalisierung

The Venus community controls the governance of the protocol, while Swipe is the project behind the protocol. Currently, Venus boasts a total locked value of $10+ billion. Autofarm Network. Autofarm Network is a DeFi platform that provides a DEX and yield aggregator. The platform offers vaults that automate the best yield farming opportunities. Vaults execute automated actions, like using. A Venus wallet is one type of application or software program, or you can say it's a digital application where you can store/hold your Venus without any hesitation because it's very safe. Technically, it's like a bank. Once you credited your currency to the bank. Your bank application shows the number that you have credited to the bank. Same in the Venus wallet, you will see the exact amount.

Venus Protocol DeFi Tutorial: How to Supply and Borrow

How to Leverage Yield Farming on Alpha Homora - The Simple Guide. Doncho Karaivanov-March 25, 2021. Learn how Alpha Homora works, how to open a leveraged position and earn more with the same amount of assets, and how to manage your positions. We also explain how to choose a pool to leverage, the rules of leveraging on the platform, and how to calculate possible scenarios. Read more. Guides. Uniswap Interface. Swap Pool Vote Charts ↗. Connect to a wallet. Swap Einige der Funktionen, die beispielsweise unterstützt werden, sind neben einfachen Token Swaps, Lending und Yield Farming auch die sogenannte PancakeSwap-Lotterie. In dieser können Nutzer Tickets erwerben und erhalten eine Chance auf große Krypto-Gewinne این ویدیو ادامه سری آموزش کار با صرافی غیرمتمرکز پنکیک سواپ (PANCAKESWAP) است. در این قسمت نحوه استفاده از قسمت فارم (مزرعه) این صرافی آموزش داده شود. موضوعات مطرح شده در این آموزش به شرح زیر است: 1.آموزش ایجاد توکن LP (تامین.

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Safe BSC Farm The Best Yield Farmer Portfolio on BSC. 1 Stop Service tools for yield farming. Safe BSC Farm The Best Yield Farmer Portfolio on BSC. 1 Stop Service tools for yield farming. My Farm ; Farm Price ; Support Protocols; Allowance; Info; Roadmap; Twindex Sheet; Buy SCZ; Token Address; MarketPlace; $0.00. Go PRO. Facebook Twitter Line Openchat Medium Telegrem (global) Telegrem (Thai. Raydium Farm işlemini Başlatma. Ray-SRM LP kısmına tıkladıktan sonra START FARMING'in altındaki Stake LP'ye tıklayın. 5.26 adet LP token verilmiş. Hepsini seçtikten sonra Confirm'e tıklayın. Farming işlemini bu şekilde başlatabilirsiniz. Kazandığınız ödülleri, Harvest butonuna basarak toplayabilirsiniz Yield farming in crypto is providing liquidity and get rewarded in fees plus some tokens. It is called farming because the coins we plant generates crops. For those of you who still do not understand, just think of it as a certificate of deposit (COD) that generates interest in another currency for example we deposit Dollar and we get interest in Yuan. Like staking, yield farming is not. The best dashboard to track automatically your Binance Smart Chain and Polygon wallet over time. It supports tokens held in your wallet and DeFi yields farm contracts Choose Farming Plot . As of version .2.2865.14293 (The Food For Thought Update), 4 Fertilizer (obtained through Portable Composter or Advanced Composter) can be used to speed up growth or boost yield depends on how it is made. More detail to be added. There is a seed mature stage right before fruit mature stage, so seed harvesting is time sensitive. Point cursor at the plant at the right.

We see sustainable yield farming and the adoption of popular DeFi applications as our modus operandi. As we build new applications, we're building with both our existing Leo/Cub userbase and with the broader BSC market in mind. The entire foundation of everything we build is rooted in the idea of growing our user base in depth and width while bringing value to the CUB token. Our roadmap here. 4.9k members in the Yield_Farming community. Dedicated resource for all things yield farming, decentralized finance and ethereum . Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Vote. 17,000 APR Cosmos Mars Burn Pool For Venus. 1 Million Burned!!! Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. 17,000 APR Cosmos Mars Burn. Yield Farming, abbreviated as YF, or more commonly known as liquidity mining. Imagine, your cryptocurrency is an asset, a farmer's seed. Thanks to existing assets, you will provide liquidity for Defi protocols to generate profits. Specifically, you will lock crypto assets in an instrument and get rewarded. Because the terms in the crypto investing world are figurative. So Yield Farming users.

Defi Yield-farming Binance-smart-chain Binance-launchpool Lending-borowing. $ 21,835642 (USD) (-9.73% ) Share Smart Chain platform. Venus has a current supply of 30,000,000 with 10,149,314 in circulation. The last known price of Venus is 21.9793954 USD and is down -9.02 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 44 active market(s) with $53,797,587.77 traded over the last 24 hours. PancakeHunny does yield farming with the leading DeFi players in the market such as PancakeSwap, Venus, PancakeBunny, etc. since they are one of the leading and innovative platforms around. PancakeHunny is dedicated to curating new and better Yield Optimization Strategies. Currently, we have HUNNY Hive, CAKE Hive, BANANA Hive, HUNNY-BNB HIVE, CAKE-BNB, BUNNY-BNB, BANANA-BNB, LINK-BNB, USDT-BNB.

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Speed to market with new (non-GMO) varieties with enhanced consumer appeal and marketable yield. Novel Hybrids . Technologies that accelerate crop hybridization and crop productivity. Adding Value to Our Partners From Farm to Fork. Our innovations target increasing plant performance, reducing food waste, and improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavor, nutrition, and. Venus's money market and stablecoin issuance platform can bring DeFi access and yield to CeFi users to a larger extent. We are glad to welcome Venus with its meaningful goals on Binance.

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Yield generating pools Venus (20/03/2021) Version 2 of the ape farming pools. You will get APE + yield. A part of the yield will be used to buyback APE and burn! Venus will be used to farm XVS and sell it for profit. Yield generating pools Pancake (28/03/2021) Same as above but pancake finance will be used to farm CAKE and sell it for profit Venus (XVS) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Binance Smart Chain platform. Venus has a current supply of 30,000,000 with 10,148,533 in circulation. The last known price of Venus is 22.73329927 USD and is down -11.38 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 44 active market(s) with $60,389,151.03 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://venus.io/ Yieldwatch helps you track, monitor and analyse your DeFi stakes, yields and farms across the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. They support various DeFi projects including PancakeSwap, Autofarm, Venus Protocol, HyperJump, Jetfuel, beefy.finance, bdollar.fi, Cream Finance & ACryptoS

آموزش کار با پلتفرم وام دهی غیرمتمرکز ونوس (venus) قسمت اولThe Ultimate PancakeSwap Yield Farming Guide — Farm CAKE

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[IMG] ===== https://coinmarketcap.com/yield-farming/ ==== Alpha Homora began the week by adding leveraged yield farming of ETH/MKR and ETH/USDT pools on Uniswap and SushiSwap, enabling users from the V1 pools to start migrating to V2 to earn around twice the ALPHA rewards. On Tuesday InsurAce became the first entity to offer Alpha Homora V2 users the ability to insure their liquidity pools and yield farms. Friday marked the launch of Alpha Homora's. Laut CoinMarketCap haben Yield Farming Plattformen ein TVL von 4,06 Mrd. USD. Die größten Plattformen sind Uniswap (1,69 Mrd.), Curve Finance (618 Mio.), SushiSwap (402 Mio.) und yearn.finance (316 Mio.) Yield Farm Directory. This site is a work in progress and updates will be supplied on demand. With that being said, here is our list of tools and farms you can stake on the Binance Smart Chain. Most of these require Meta-Mask and a connection to the BSC mainnet. 0x1 Finance. 1Inch. Abrakadabra. Absorber. Acryptos. Aladdin. Alchemist. Allinx. Alpaca. Apache. Ape Swap. ApeSafe. Apeswap. Apo. _____THE___BIGGEST___YIELD___FARMING___>_3_000_000_000_DOLLAR_____ Discussion in 'N&N Ngobrol & Nulis Tips, Info, Hal2 Bermanfaat' started by VENUS.io, Mar 2, 2021

Venus Protocol (VXS) gaat Cardano (ADA) ondersteunen op de

Binance Introduces its Fourth Project on Launchpool: VenusBinance przedstawia Venus (XVS) nowy projekt swojej

The super low cost and high speed of the Binance Smart Chain make yield farming and staking both pleasurable and profitable. Platforms like Beefy Finance and Autofarm Network utilise various strategies behind the scenes to allow them to offer some seriously good rates to stake tokens. Yield Farming Optimisers https://pancakebunny.finance https://app.beefy.finance https://autofarm.network https. Venus, Saffron, and Mithril: The New Yield Farmers I have visited the CoinMarketCap to check the latest crypto updates, and I've stumbled onto the field of Yield Farming and saw ne They say it won't work, will be too expensive and not be able to yield enough to provide adequate returns on investment. But in some sectors, such as marijuana production, indoor farming is providing a strong foundation for healthy profits, although we are not encouraging that sort of thing - this article is more about produce such as lettuce and other healthy vegetables and fruit, usually. DeFi & Yield Farming protocols. Overview of largest yield farming dApps present in Ethereum and those in Binance Smart Chain. Despite the recency of BSC, there are a number of protocols that have sprung up which are similar to already established DeFi yield farming protocols on the Ethereum Blockchain: Lending dApps: One of the possibilities of earning interest on your crypto is to lend them.

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