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One very popular trading swing strategy that you can use the Pro Scanner for is the Holy Grail strategy. With this setup, you're looking for stocks that have been trending strongly up or down, but that are now pulling back and crossing over a 20-day moving average. You can create this scan using four rules Six Swing Trading Scans 1. ADX Trend Scan - Searching for the Holy Grail This scan uses the trading rules of the popular Holy Grail trading strategy from Linda Bradford Raschke, an experienced trader who has conducted intensive research into the art of swing trading Scan buy tmf chichii - ; Bullish swing - 1. sloping up moving average 2. 20 ma above 40ma 3. cci (5) goes to <-100 4. low touch 20 ma and goes below the 20 ma 5. close above 40 ma 6. buy 1 bid above prior day high 7. sell to close 1 bid below prior day low; Swing trading concept - Identify pull back in uptrend and buy on dip;; Highly trending long sma10,40, cci0 - Sma 10, 40, cci Swing Trading Stock Screener. How to Scan for Winning Stocks Scanning for Stocks With FinViz.com Stock Screener Finviz.com is a free website that allows you to select endless parameters and find the stocks you want to trade

SwingTradeBot was created to help you stay on top of the market. It watches your stocks and scans the market for important technical developments and alerts you when it's time to take action #swingscanner In this video I'll be showing you guys how I like to customize my scanner when looking for swing trades in the stock marketMy Stocktwits Handle.. Stock Screen / Scan Results for 2021-06-15 * Updated nightly around 6 PM in the America/New_York time zone. Trading Date: Loading... Filtered Total = Number of stocks filtered by minimum volume and price and excludes ETFs vs. Avg = Percentage change compared to the typical daily number of the signal. Name Filtered Total Unfiltered Total vs. Avg Type; 200 DMA Resistance 18: 75-4%: Bearish: 20.

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🔥My Buy/Sell Alerts + Exclusive Content + much more on Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/stasserfes Get 2 free stocks from WeBull (up to $1600) with $100 depo.. Hope this helped, any other trading video ideas just let me know below. Don't forget to like!WHAT I TEACH-How To Trade Small Caps + Penny Stocks Under $10-Id.. This is a Step by Step tutorial on how to use Finviz screener to pick winning stocks to swing trade. I call this The Dark Money Scan.Picking stocks to swin.. Swing Trading Scanners. Overview of Swing Trading Scanners. Our swing scanners have been decommissioned as we've moved to new software for scanning! Check out our new scanners here. I had a job I didn't really like and I was forced to live five thousand miles away from my home Country...After joining Warrior Trading, I can trade from anywhere. Thanks to this community, it now feels like I've.

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Scan 2 - Scan 2 description. Sma 10/50 - Sma 10 crossover sma 50. Sma 30/50 - Sma 30 crossover sma 50. Ema 8/21 - Ema 8 crossover ema 21. Stock scanner - Less than 30 in 24.3.17. 200 sma crossover - Crossed 200 sma with macd crossover & volume > 2 times of 10 days sma. Stock scanner1 - Trade Ideas Scanner for Pullbacks Above the 20sma The Pullbacks above the 20sma scan is essentially the holy grail 20d pullback setup. Names are displayed that are up over the last 10 & 20 days, but down over the last 5 days. In addition, the alerted names must be above the 20 day sma Swing Trade 10 % Target. New: LIVE Alerts now available! Scanner Guide Scan Examples Feedback. Scan Description: This scan will help to take one day positional trade for max gain. Stock passes all of the below filters in cash segment: Latest Open Equals Latest Low. Latest Macd Line ( 26,12,9 ) Greater than Latest Macd Signal ( 26,12,9 Thinkorswim has scanners you can set up for swing trading. Set up the scanner to the criteria you're looking for. You can scan each night to find plays for your watchlist. The trade ideas scanner is also one that you can use. Trade Ideas can save you time if you're looking for something quick. You can set your scanner to look for the kinds of plays you like best. Read our Trade Ideas. Charge my credit card the amount stated above for my Seasonal Swing Trader Product. I understand that the full amount will be billed to my credit card and credit card payments are processed through Seasonal Swing Trader's merchant account. I hereby authorize these charges and state these transactions are valid. I affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and.

Hey my friend, welcome to this video on scanning for swing trades - how to find stocks to buy, short, trade and invest in, etc. So really, what this is is a product review and I've never done a product review before so here we go, my first attempt at a product review. This is a scanning program that I like a lot called stock fetcher as you can see in the top left corner of there. By the. This particular product is how set setup our watchlist, and it's our favorite swing trading scanner. Read our ThinkorSwim Review. FinViz is another great free stock scanner (or get the paid version) you can use and get some great results. This is a browser based scanner. There are many different filters available for you to scan. For example, you can scan for candlestick patterns, RSI.

Swing Trading is a very general term. In this case the screen is looking for pull backs in strong stocks. Let's have a look at the filters that are used: Price: Above 20, ETF: none, Average Volume: 50 SMA > 20K: These are just some general filters to avoid low priced stocks without enough liquidity. Also ETF's are avoided. Signal: Strong Stocks: This is one of chartmill's special filters to. A huge question i always get is how do i find the SWING STOCKS i trade, in today's video i show my free scanner on td ameritrade TOS and how i scan for them,..

A sortable list of (almost) all of our screens / scans. This list shows the number of matching stocks for scan. The list can be sorted by scan name, number of matching stocks or by how many stocks each scan has today vs. its average number of stocks. All Scans. The Combo Scan allows you to mix and match our individual screens / scans Scan Description: INTRADAT SWING TRADE. Related Screeners. Ravi bhoske - Macd rsi flag; Bullish-stocks - To identify liquid stocks break out on high volume; Mvg avg macd rsi 1 - Pottential long side 2 macd line just crossed above macd signal; Tulasifutursell - Macd+rsi(m/w/d) - Very very good; Ppp - Future - up - volume, ema, rsi, macd - Volume - hi, close > ema 5 > ema 10 > ema 20, rsi. Swing Trade Scanner for ThinkorSwim. Thread starter alokranjan3; Start date Aug 8, 2020; A. alokranjan3 Member. Aug 8, 2020 #1 I'm attempting to swing trade with breakouts. Can you, please, help to build a scanner for the following criteria (based on Stockbee's blog): Price > $1; 4% breakout to new 20-day highs ; Average daily traded volume > 100k shares; Range contraction above 10 and 20-day. Real Currency Market Conditions. Free Demo Accounts Never Expire. Register Now

For day trading and swing trading, you have to be able to run scans! So, on this page, I have compiled a list of some of the best charting and scanning services on the net. By going through this list, you can make an informed decision and pick the one that is right for you. MarketClub. This scanning and charting solution is unique from anything else on the net. You don't actually write scans. MT4 scanner indicator; Free software updates; Lifetime technical support; What this tool is . Swing Traders operate daily charts and attempt to capture gains in a security within one day to a week, looking for short-term price momentum. Eventually trades can be kept alive for longer. What it is not . This indicator is not a complete trading system, nor an always in the market indicator. It. Swing Trading Dashboard indicator free download. FX141 February 12, 2020. 0 Comments. Utilizing this dashboard is tremendous straightforward, and it might allow you to discover profitable swing trades in 5 minutes or much less. As shut because it will get to an entire, AUTOMATED swing buying and selling answer: The indicator reveals you correct. A listing of our stock screens classified by category. This page will make it easy to find stocks matching your trading style. You'll be able to quickly home in on scans to find overbought, oversold, breakouts, pullbacks, etc. Scans by Type A sortable list of (almost) all of our screens / scans

Swing Trading Strategies - Conclusion. You should by all means experiment with these systems, and choose what makes you the most comfortable. A advanced market scanner like Trade Ideas helps you to spot the exact trading setups you are looking for in real-time. Without a good market scanner, you may miss the optimal entry point. Furthermore. Swing traders use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator to capture swings in the overall trend by determining whether a particular market is deemed oversold or overbought and therefore getting ready for a 'swing.' The RSI is represented on a chart from 0 to 100 with key points set at 70 and 30. The market is considered overbought if it is trading above 70 and is usually a signal to. See How to Scan for Cup and Handle and Continuation Patterns for the type of stocks I look for. Types of Continuation Patterns and How to Trade Them. There are many continuation patterns in technical analysis. Some are well known, and others not so much. Don't confuse the general term with the very specific types of continuation patterns discussed here. When I refer to continuation. trading alltag ! think and trade programmiert fantastische addons fĂśr den agenatrader. ob scalper, swing-trader, momentum-trader oder trendfolger - wir haben die optimale lĂ–sung, um dir dabei zu helfen, dein trading besser zu strukturieren und deinen handel effizienter zu gestalten

How Much Money Can I Make Swing Trading Stocks with $20,000. If you risk 1% of $20,000, you can risk up to $200 per trade. Assume you want to buy a $50 stock, place a stop loss at $49 and a target at $53. Your trade risk is $1 for each share you own (entry price minus stop loss, or $50-$49) Traders who scan for technicals can set their scanners to look for certain price action, chart patterns, technical indicators, or trading volume criteria. In short, they're scanning for technical analysis criteria. If you're one of these traders, you can set a scanner to locate all stocks that are above the 200-day moving average, with over $1 million of daily trading volume, and. Trade Ideas scans I use to find both swing and day trade candidates early. For those with the software here are the scans you can replicate. See my recent videos which show how I use this in my daily process flow. Unless you are actively trading intraday I do not suggest use of Trade Ideas software. It is expensive and they keep raising the prices every six month. If you have small account. Day Trading is not just momentum trading in the first hour, it isn't just on stocks under $10, and it isn't luck - it involves a vast number of strategies that involves going long, shorting, options, option spreads, and yes, swing trading as well. Our goal is to consistently make a profit, which means consistently hitting singles The Complete Swing Trading Strategy. Now lets put everything together into a swing trading strategy. This trading plan is for discretionary traders. Your success will depend on how well you use your discretion! After you understand the concepts, then modify this trading strategy into a strategy of your own. Feel free to change things around a.

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Scan for intraday setups as well as intermediate to swing setups (multiple timeframes) Scan for ANY instrument (Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex) Customizable Scanning Components + Variables; $597 (1-time) Customize the 3S CODE Strategy & Build Your Own Backtests! Works on Stocks, Futures and Forex - And on Multiple Timeframes; User-defined parameters unique to you and your trading style. The Swing Trading Software automatically paints your bars or candlesticks blue or red so that you can clearly see the market trends as they start and monitor them as they continue. When a new Trigger Bar appears, marking a change in market direction, painted bars will be very obvious on the chart. So now there is no need to try and 'second guess' the market, you can just let the Swing. With all swing trades in the Wagner Daily model portfolio, we typically pre-scan for a minimum Average Dollar Volume of 20 million. If you trade a rather large account, then consider an Average Dollar Volume above 80 million to ensure plenty of liquidity. Knowing the Average Dollar Volume of a stock means you can sometimes lower your minimum. If you want a scanner that offers real-time data, you can upgrade to Finviz Elite. It includes additional features and costs $39.50 per month (monthly plan), or $24.96 per month (annual plan, $299.50 per year). ChartMill . ChartMill's stock screener gives you eight options for finding day trading stocks. The general section lets you choose routine stock information. The performance tab allows. Chapter 2 - How Swing Trading Works Figure 2.1 - A chart of LFIN going up like a rocket and illustrating how being short can be much more risky (chart courtesy of StockCharts.com). Figure 2.2 - A chart of SPY showing stairs up and the window down (chart courtesy of StockCharts.com). Figure 2.3 - A chart of SHOP after a negative report from Citron (chart courtesy of StockCharts.com). Chapter.

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  1. 2 to 3 day swing trade setup. My favorite setups are stocks which have unusual volume with positive price change in the last week, but have consolidated for the last day or 2. I consider these stocks in consolidation and ready for a morning pop. To this end, I created a scanner which 1) look for unusual daily volume 2) a contracting ATR value 3.
  2. Ticker: Top Insider Trading: Date: Transaction: Value($) ARYA: PERCEPTIVE ADVISORS : Jun 09: Buy: 55,000,000: EVA: INCLUSIVE CAPITAL PA: Jun 08: Buy: 39,999,960: ASAN.
  3. Scanning for swing trade setups in TC2000. Hopefully, these scans have been helpful and give you some ideas to think about and experiment with further on your own. Here are a few other tips I'll leave you with: Having different scans for different market conditions is a good idea. A strongly up-trending market will lend itself better to different types of setups than if you were in a bear.
  4. So remember to scan for swing trade opportunities; never go searching for them. Step 5: Identify Exit Points. There are two rules when it comes to identifying exit points. The first rule is to define a profit target and a stop loss level. Many traders make the mistake of only identifying a target and forget about their stop loss. Don't make that mistake. In order to calculate your risk as.
  5. The third type of choosing stocks for swing trading, we're going to use a scanner or sometimes it is called a screener. And what's cool about this is you can put in very, very specific parameters. Now, this is just a general one here - by the way, this is a thinkorswim, so all this is just like a simple, not chewing on complex number, but the basic thing I'm looking for is right here.
  6. Harmonic Scanner & Forex Signals. HARMONIC SCANNER. The New HARMONIC SCANNER for MT4 has a 95% accuracy and it's highly precise. It's a NON-REPAINT technical analysis pattern swing scanner based on my trading style. It's a VERY WANTED Forex indicator that will show you the swing trade to take, based on the best price entries

My Complete Method Stock Swing Trading Course guides you through a complete method for swing trading explosive stocks. The Current Buy the Dip Stock List . Note that the list is subject to change. Run the scan yourself, or something similar on your own stock scanner, to get current results. This list is from May 27, 2021. The Price vs 52-wk High criterion was unchecked (not included) for this. TOS Basic Scanner Setup. This is a basic guide on how to use the TOS scanner function. Begin by selecting the scan tab at the top of the screen. There are different types of scans that can be built from this platform, select the stock hacker scan on the left. This is where you enter the criteria to begin finding stocks to trade Swing Trading: Best Swing Trading Indicators. Swing trading is a fast-paced trading method that is accessible to everyone, even those first starting into the world of trading. The pace is slower than day trading, and provides you with enough time to formulate a process and perform a little research before making decisions on your trade. Swing trading is also a popular way for those looking to. The analysis in SwingTrader is tailored for a swing trading environment, so it might be different from the analysis in other William O'Neil India products you may use. Past Trades. Once a trade reaches the profit goal, or triggers a stop loss, it moves to the past trades section. Click on any ticker to get a snapshot of the closed trade. Recent Alerts. Here, you'll see the recent alerts our.

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  1. Scanning routines available on many platforms can quickly pinpoint conventional technical analysis swing trade candidates based on indicators or candlesticks. However, these scans are not necessarily optimal for the Wyckoff trader. In Scan For Success, John Colucci and Roman Bogomazov will show you how to markedly reduce the time needed to create watchlists of actionable trade candidates by.
  2. Swing Trading Strategies for Amibroker (AFL) Hello Traders, Below points are useful for any successful swing trading strategy . Swing traders must make the right choice to build an effective strategy. Adopt a customized holding period that fits for risk profile and position management. Spend more time controlling losses then seeking profit
  3. Trade Scanner is basically a tool of scanning the day traders and the swing traders. The trade scanners research on the market to find out the top Swing Trading Strategies for custom and unique solution. Few steps of Swift trading techniques for effective solution . The very notable Swift Alpha, probably the finest trade alert service through marketing research exceptionally offers Swift.
  4. The (TOP 3) Best Stock Scanners for Active Day Traders. For active day traders involved in the hunt for valuable stocks, Stock scanners could be the saving grace. These filter software can sieve through a profound number of stocks and scan the right stock for your trade. Stock scanners employ a number of filtering criteria
  5. g trading session
  6. Trade Ideas Scanner: Codes for Scans, Alert Windows & Layouts. Ready to discover some of the best Trade Ideas scanners out there for day traders? If you don't already have access to Trade Ideas software, get access here. You can use promo code TRADERM15 for a 15% discount. It's well worth the expense considering the bang you get for your buck

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  1. A stock scanner is a great tool for filtering out the A+ quality stocks from the subpar ones. Here are the scanners that we use to find the best momentum stocks to trade every day. To get my official intraday scanner through trade ideas, simply sign up using our BOWS link here. Use promo code BULLS4TIPRO for a 15% discount. What to Focus O
  2. The Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis & Buy Sell Signals. Masterswift 2.0; USP: Built-in trading tools for tracking derivatives and equities . Make critical trading decisions using Masterswift stock trading software's built-in charting tools and technical indicators. Trusted by professionals such as investors, traders and bankers, the software gives access to data of.
  3. I am very new to trading and using the Harmonic Scanner. Where can I go online to learn the basics. I mean the real basics. I understand on the scanner where the entry is, but when I go to the meta trader those numbers are not there when I get ready to buy or sell. Is there a place on the meta trader to put these numbers like the stop lose? TradingStrategyGuides says: February 12, 2020 at 12.
  4. Our premium trading tools are paid just once and include free software updates for life. Our indicators and expert advisors are regularly updated. Support that cares. Our helpdesk is reachable 24/7 and makes sure no query goes unanswered. Metatrader Indicators. $299 . Trend Trading. Indicator designed to profit from trends, pullbacks, inside bar breakouts and possible corrections. MT4; MT5.

a chapter in this series of eBooks to spell out their favorite swing trading setup and why. We hope you enjoy this diverse approach to sharing some specific ideas and methods for swing trading time frames. Some of the chapters will even include the Trade Ideas scan configuration cloud link for you to download and use yourself. Enjoy! INTRODUCTIO Trade Forex with MT4 tools & OANDA Low Spreads. Try a Free Demo. Register Now

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Swing Trade Stock Screener: Stocks with the Most Alerts on 2021-06-14 - Scan Results | NYSE, NASDAQ & AME Swing Trading Scanner â‚ą 5,000.00 The indicator uses 2 stringent criteria to identify continuation or reversal trade setups: Strong breakout from support / resistance level

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Swing Trade Stock Screener: Top Percentage Gainers on 2021-06-11 - Scan Results | ASX. SwingTradeBot. Research. End of Day Scans; Intraday Alerts; General Market Overview; All Stocks; Earnings Calendar; Recent IPOs; Most Tracked Stocks; Sectors; ETFs; Mobile App; Get Started; Resources ; FAQ; Login; Sign Up; Advanced Search. Top Percentage Gainers on 2021-06-11 - Scan Results. Related Scans. 5. Bullseye Trades. 6. Mobile Closer. 1. Motley Fool. Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers are more long-term swing trade alerts. The combination of a stunning low subscription price and incredible long-term return rates make Motley Fool's stock picks a good candidate for this best swing trade alerts article

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  1. Last Updated on 12 June, 2021 by Samuelsson. Swing trading is a style of trading where traders try to profit from the up and downswings in stock prices, and the trades usually last from a few days to a few weeks. You can make a lot of money with this style of trading, but first, you need to know how to find the right stocks to trade
  2. KPL Swing (breakout trading system) Last updated: 8-JUN-2018. The KPLSwing indicator is a simple trend following mechanical trading system which automates the entry and exit. The trading system is extremely simple and easy to use and removes emotions from trading. The trading or investing logic is simple.... trade long on close above 20 days (or bars) high and short on close below 20 days (or.
  3. Swing trading is still a short-term trading strategy but stocks are held overnight to avoid the PDT rules. Swing traders hold stocks for 24 hours to 2 days hoping to profit off high volume swings.
  4. Followers 23. This is our Swing Trading forum where discussion of swing trades will take place. 46 topics in this forum
  5. e if swing trading is right for you. It provides a treasure map to the pot of gold which is found at the end of the rainbow. 2.2 How to get started swing trading • Read this book • Open.
  6. Scanz is the all in one market scanning platform for day traders and swing traders. I use Scanz to find almost every one of my stocks I trade because their scanners are second to none. I run a pre-market scanner from 7AM-9:30AM to get a general idea of what's moving and what has news. During the trading day, I use their custom built scanners, which are very easy to set up, to find.
  7. Swing Trading is the first indicator designed to detect swings in the direction of the trend and possible reversal swings. It uses the baseline swing trading approach, widely described in trading literature. The indicator studies several price and time vectors to track the aggregate trend direction and detects situations in which the market is oversold or overbought and ready to correct
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How To Quickly Scan For Swing Trade Pullbacks. In this stock trading strategy video, we show you a way to quickly, in a matter of minutes, find the strongest stocks and ETFs in the market that are presently on slight pullbacks off their highs. For many technical traders, and for ou r swing trading system, a stock or ETF with relative. Swing Trading System V 2.0 Amibroker AFL Code. Credit goes to the creator of the AFL Code. No changes have been made by the Blog owner to the AFL code. The code has been obtained through online resource and is presented on as it is basis. Please copy the code from the Code Box below. You may refer to the image posted below to look how the chart looks after applying the AFL. // see image. Swing Trading Strategies don't need to be complicated to be successful. I firmly believe that over complicating a strategy will only lead to failure, frustration, and inconsistency. It's best to stick with a K.I.S.S plan when it comes to trading Keep It Simple Stupid. Lets take a look at some of the guidelines we use to help us on our path to profitability To learn more about scanning to find explosive trades, and when to focus on each strategy, as well as everything else you need to know about swing trading, check out my Complete Method Stock Swing Trading Course. The Stock Scanning Process. I typically do my scanning in the evening, after the stock market has closed. I may run a scan during the.

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  1. The (TOP 3) Best Stock Scanners for Active Day Traders. For active day traders involved in the hunt for valuable stocks, Stock scanners could be the saving grace. These filter software can sieve through a profound number of stocks and scan the right stock for your trade. Stock scanners employ a number of filtering criteria
  2. Trend trading with swing high and swing low. As mentioned earlier, you can trade the trends with ease using the swing high and swing low method. You can apply other trend trading strategies as well using this method. Let's take a look at the below example on how we can use a simple oscillator along with the swing high and swing low method. The chart below you see is for MSFT, 1 hour chart.
  3. Find the Right Plan for Your Trading. Get full access to all of our offerings for less than $1 per trading day! Buy Low -- Save up to 33% by choosing annual billing! Silver. Free / always. New: 14-Day Free Trial of the Gold Plan! Access non-Pro Stock Scans; 1 Watchlist & 1 Portfolio; 5 Stocks per List 3 Routines, 7 Items per Routine Ad Supported; Weekly Email of Portfolio & Watchlists Alerts.
  4. This is a SWING TRADING strategy. If you're looking for a day trading strategy, you might want to skip this article. Difficulty- Easy . This strategy is very easy to execute and I tried it often during my second year of trading. Time Frame- 1 hour or 1 day. I usually select 1D to analyse and 1 your to take entry /exit. RULES. Find a stock that is going in a sideways direction over the last few.
Buy the Dip Indicator for ThinkorSwim - useThinkScriptSignal Table MT4 Indicator - Easy to use Trend IndicatorAdvfn Scanner GrátisHarmonicsTrader - Mrs

This service is a charting, scanning, and trading system all in one. TradeMiner - Click a button and this software program tells you what stocks have historically been winning trades during the current month. It also tells you exactly what day to buy and what day to sell to make a profit. Gift For Stock Traders. Stock Market Gifts - On this page, you will find some gifts for stock traders. My swing trading Process Flow. I look for two kinds of opportunities every day , a big game changing catalyst trade that can add 25 to 50% to account (Episodic Pivots) and small swing trades that can add .25 to 2% to account. Obviously the big trades do not happen daily so much of the daily focus is on finding swing trades of 8 to 20% profit. Stock Screen / Scan Results for 2021-06-11 * Updated nightly around 7 PM in the Australia/Sydney time zone. Trading Date: Loading... Filtered Total = Number of stocks filtered by minimum volume and price and excludes ETFs vs. Avg = Percentage change compared to the typical daily number of the signal. Name Filtered Total Unfiltered Total vs. Avg Type; 200 DMA Resistance 2: 23-17%: Bearish: 20. Unlike other swing trade products, SwingTrader combines fundamental analysis with technical analysis to increase your potential for success. EASY-TO-USE. You can scan the list in a couple of minutes to determine if action is required. SIMPLE STRATEGY. We go for quick hits. Most trades will have a goal of about 10% on the upside and limit risk on the downside with a stop loss around 3%. ALERTS.

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